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The Video Conferencing Solution options seem to endless but what users really want is full functionality from what they already have in the investment in their laptop. And with the power built in to most laptops today, there's no reason you can't have everything driven from your laptop in one streamlined experience your already familiar with.

Bring Your Own Device

We believe in freedom from video codecs. We'll help you create the right combination for your conference rooms and have you saying - "We should have done this along time ago!"

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Digital Signage

Let's make an impact on your audience and bring beautiful technology into your space. You'll communicate to your customers who you are, while you create a vision of where you're going. Single displays, direct view walls, interactive or wirelessly controlled are just a few of our capabilities. We'll even help design and produce your content.

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Vertical signage kiosks are a great way to make your advertisers message stand out yet fit in to your space.
Wolfvision Cynap is an amazing disruptive collaboration platform for higher educational institutions to get the most from just a few pieces of equipment. Colleges, Universities and Technical Colleges all over the United States and around the world are reaping the benefits of this intuitive video over IP collaboration system leveraging the best in integration options for Microsoft Teams, Zoom and even Google, making every instructional resource available at your fingertips.

Active Learning

Let us help you help your instructors deliver an engaging learning experience. Empower your instructors to be the masters of their classrooms. There's never been a better time to bring your classroom into the future. Contact us to set up a free in-room assessment of your current technology and see how simple it just became to make things easy for your instructors.

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High Fidelity Audio + Video

Craving the best in home automation, home cinema and whole house audio? We'll help you create a space you'll never want to leave. We'll make it easy to use and provide the best sounding system designs you've ever heard.

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Our audio experts will help you specify, install, configure and measure a proven approach toward achieving the best sound for your budget. Using industry standard measurement tools like Room EQ Wizard, calibrated microphones and world-class Real-Traps™ acoustical treatments, we'll make your room sound the best it can on even a modest budget.

Why choose us?

Because you want the most for your money.
We’re like you. We spend a lot of time making sure we have the best combination of performance and price. That is our recipe - a combination that looks to the future while being the most reliable today. You want a team that is thinking on your behalf - to actually solve problems, and make your job easier. No slick sales pitch. Just innovation where everyone wins. And when you realize the value you received, we hope you'll share that impact with your colleagues, partners and friends. Give us call. We know you'll be glad you did.
Hospitality is one of our specialties and if you want the best in distributed audio and video with intuitive control, look no further than Brilliant Marketing and Consulting.
Digital Signage for restaurants, bars and eateries is no problem for our AV specialists. We can provide scalable solutions from 1-1000 displays driven by Samsung displays with options to run Embed Signage, Ping HD Signage or Sedna Cloud-based solutions with the ability to deliver across nearly any hardware including; BrightSign Digital Signage Players, Apple MacIntosh and iOS devices, Chrome devices, and even Linux Compute Sticks.
Our approach to media over IP is clear and organized. Using Araknis and Ubiquiti switching and networking devices, nothing is out of reach.
Multiple screens of digital signage content can be driven by standard images and text or dynamically driven with Excel, CSV, JSON and XML sources which also be turned in to touch screens and kiosks.
Share any directly connected or wireless content from one touch screen on the Wolfvision Cynap.
A sample audio waterfall graph measurement taken at a customer's  JBL Synthesis listening room showing some serious problem frequencies which we a recorrecting with Real-Traps™ acoustical panel traps.